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Daily Mail is reporting that Nickelodeon will cancel Jamie Lynn Spears TV show Zoey 101. Season three has one more show to air and season four is already recorded. It is unclear whether those shows will be broadcast.

Two weeks ago, Nickelodeon issued a statement saying,

“We respect Jamie’s Lynn’s decision to take responsibility in this sensitive and personal situation.”

Jamie Lynn, 16, and her boyfriend, Casey Aldridge, 18, met at their hometown church in Louisiana. The couple claimed to be totally shocked by the discovery that they were expecting a child. The baby is due this summer. Aldridge recently graduated from high school and is working as a laborer, rather than going on to college.

Jamie Lynn is the younger sister of troubled pop star Britney Spears. It was disclosed yesterday that the older Spears legal team have ended their relationship – leaving her without representation in the court battle to retain custody of her children. She currently has limited visitation that could be terminated if her ex, Kevin Federline, has his way. It appears to be a very bad week for the Spears sisters.

Nickelodeon has not issued a follow up statement regarding the cancellation but undisclosed sources indicate that the show will not continue, under the circumstances.

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