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Gwyneth Paltrow was caught kissing ex boyfriend Donocan Leitch in broad daylight, six months before news of her separation to Chris Martin broke.

Speculation as to the cause of the divorce has been rampant, with many hinting at infidelity on both sides. But as it turns out, Gwyneth wasn’t hiding a thing when she kissed her ex-boyfriend Leitch at a LA Dodgers game last September.

The photos, which you can see on US Weekly, show a happy and disheveled Paltrow, planting a kiss firmly on the lips of Leitch. Maybe she thinks it was just friendly, but if my husband saw me kissing someone like that…well.

Pretty sure he wouldn’t be okay with it. I mean…am I crazy? Is this really how people live?

Paltrow and Leitch dated in the early 90’s, shortly before her infamous relationship with Brad Pitt. He is now estranged from his Scottish model wife and Paltrow…is obviously separated. So. It could happen?

Paltrow announced her separation from husband Chris Martin on her lifestyle site GOOP early yesterday evening. For someone who has always strived to be private and to keep her brand separate from her home life, you have to wonder about her choice to do things that way. And mid-week at that!! Her website CRASHED due to traffic over the news, and I’m kind of curious if she wanted that to happen? Maybe GOOP needed a boost?

Who knows.

Lots of unusual news about this split, and I’m curious to see who starts dating first. It will be interesting to say the least.

Photo: GOOP