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Future co-stars or just another pipe dream for Lilo …

Movie producer Nathan Folks has been in discussions with Lindsay Lohan to co-star with actor Chris Zylka in an upcoming film project Escaping the Game.

Despite the fact that the Mean Girls actress has a felony grand larceny charge hanging over her head, Folks is still very much interested in lining Lilo up for the drama that will be shot in the U.S. and Spain.

Regarding the significant hurdle of getting Lindsay insured for the $30 million flick, the producer told Radaronline: “We can get her insured if she is with someone who is keeping on eye on her 24/7. Lindsay and I have discussed it and she’s already agreed to the condition. She’s doing great and we’re going to prove to the world that she’s back.”

Zylka, who is currently filming The Amazing Spider-Man, hung out with Lindsay last night. At the urging of Folks, the pair took in a Ferras performance at an L.A. club Saturday evening.

Lohan later tweeted: “Went to see my friend @ohferras perform and was talking to a future costar- just to be bombarded by paparazzi- so much for being normal.”

The producer doesn’t claim to be a matchmaker: “I put the two of them together to go see the show. They’re both Ferras fans and I thought it would be a good chance for them to get to know each other. They’re strictly friends.”

Photos: WENN