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Although nobody really knows what happened on February 8th between singing sensations Rihanna and Chris Brown, we have seen and heard enough to know that Rihanna should be steering clear of Brown, who was bailed out of jail for $50,000 after allegedly beating the singer up.

Photos surfaced of a bruised and beaten Rihanna and the world went crazy. On this site alone, the comments and messages that we received was unbelievable. The majority of our readers were in favor of Rihanna ending her relationship with Brown. They were also very vocal in their desire to see Chris pay his dues and serve jail time.

So after three short weeks, the pair are together again in Miami Beach at one of Sean “Diddy” Combs pads on Star Island.

The media has been reporting that the two had been in contact and that Chris showered Rihanna with some expensive gifts last week for her 21st birthday.

Where does Chris stand right now? The case is now in the hands of the Los Angeles district attorney. Brown has been charged with making criminal threats. Have you seen the picture? We think Chris clearly delivered as well as made the threats.

So far Chris has lost his endorsement deals with Got Milk and Wrigley’s.

Photo: WENN