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Actor Bruce Willis went from acting to directing and it sounds like things didn’t go as planned for the production company that recently hired him. Foresight Unlimited is suing Willis for walking off the set.

The movie Three Stories About Joan was to be directed by Willis, who signed a deal to be paid $196,404 and work within a $20 million budget. Owen Wilson and Camilla Belle were signed to co-star in the film.

Here is what we know: a suit was filed in LA County Superior Court which alleges that Willis left the set without any notice and has never returned. Bruce would only say that it was for personal reasons. The production company is seeking $4 million in damages.

Marty Stinger, who is known to be a “pit bull” of a lawyer, represents Bruce and calls the lawsuit absurd. Stinger says the producers are at fault for not having the money to pay anyone or open escrow accounts.

Photo: WENN