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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: The True Story comes out next week, and among other things, the tell-all claims the couple plans to have 13 children, they have five nannies for their six children — the twins share a nanny, Angelina had a nose job, and Brad nearly got busted for pot in Kenya in 2005.

The book’s author, Jenny Paul, says Angelina slept with Mick Jagger in her early twenties while he was married to Jerry Hall, and reveals that Angie was sleeping with ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller and Hollywood hunk Ralph Fiennes when she met Brad in 2004.

The book also details the early days of Brangelina’s romance. “Brad told Angelina just weeks into filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith that his marriage to Jen was over in every way apart from on paper and had been for more than a year,” says Paul, who spoke to an insider who detailed Brad and Angie’s secret trysts, which began soon after. According to the book, Brad told Angelina that he and Jen were just good friends and were waiting for the right time to officially end their marriage.

The author reportedly spent six years delving into Brad and Angelina’s notoriously private life, interviewing those closest to the couple.

This is not the first tell-all written about the couple, and the last one was riddled with inconsistencies, so we shall see…

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