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Don’t get too excited because it’s not what you might think. Rapper 50 Cent didn’t like being enemies with his ex-girlfriend, actress Vivica A. Fox, so he has reportedly made peace.

The celebrities dated for about a year back in 2003 and after they split, 50 did a little dissing on Viv — saying that she was just looking for a little boost in her image…essentially using his stardom. Vivica didn’t take the slam lightly and blasted back at him on the Tyra Banks Show.

Recently 50 appeared on Tyra’s show and divulged that they are friends again and that Fox will appear as his love interest in an upcoming video for Do You Think About Me.

He said, “She was really upset with me (after the break-up)…I called her. I said, ‘You got to stop fighting and be in my video.’ The song’s about when relationships don’t work, and when I explained it to her it kind of intensified what the song was about. And it’s now being a visual with the public seeing us as that relationship that didn’t work.”

It’s hard to say whether the video will reunite the two romantically but we can’t wait to see it. We’ve added a little pre-video tease below. The real deal will be released on December 8. Check out some great looking Vivica pics after the video.

Photos: WENN