TV Land Celeb Kristen Johnston has Rare Autoimmune Disorder

kristen johnston has autoimmune disorder

TV Land's 'The Exes' star Kristen Johnston has been suffering from a debilitating condition since early September and has finally received a proper diagnosis.

The former '3rd Rock From the Sun' celeb spent two weeks at the Mayo Clinic, where doctors determined that she was suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder.

She said, "My immune system has decided to go rogue and attack my muscles."   Johnston is happy to report that she is finally on the right course of treatment, is feeling better and is back on the set of her popular cable sitcom.

Kristen chatted about it on Facebook, "I'm not trying to be 'coy,' 'relevant' or 'get attention.'  I just was diagnosed two days ago with a rare form of Lupus called 'Lupus Myelitis' -- Google it.  I'm not on my death bed ... far from it.  I'm gonna be fine."

She added, "I just wanted to have a few weeks of privacy to navigate it and receive treatment.  The only reason I said anything is because I won't be in a few episodes.  I wonder how all those people leaving comments on gossip/entertainment/TV website would feel in my shoes."

The comedic actress portrays divorce attorney Holly Franklin on 'The Exes,' currently in its third season.   Actress Leah Remini stepped in for a multi-episode arc to cover her absence.

Johnston insists, "You guys will laugh your asses off at her as Stuart's sister.  I promise, you won't even miss me!" (Well, maybe a teeny tiny bit?)"

Photo:  WENN