Roseanne Barr Accused Chuck Lorre of Stealing Her Joke

roseanne barr

Comedian Roseanne Barr hit Twitter on Friday with accusations that 'Two and a Half Men' creator Chuck Lorre and actor Ashton Kutcher stole her joke. The tirade lasted for two days.

During Thursday's episode of 'Men,' Kutcher's character Walden speculated about what it would be like to be old, “I’d imagine that you’re wet in the places you used to be dry, and dry in the places you used to be wet.”

Barr wrote that joke in 2006 as part of her standup routine about menopause, “I’m wet where I’m supposed to be dry and dry where I’m supposed to be wet.”

Among her poison tweets aimed at Lorre and Kutcher, "Friends told me that Ashton Kuchner is stealing my jokes without any sense of being conscious of being a f**king thief. #chucklorre."

Barr added, "A**hole Kuchner is stealing my "wet where i'm supposed to be dry" joke @JohnnyArgent motherf**king thief."

"Chuck Lorre has made MILLIONS-hundreds of millions-YET-he STEALS COMEDIAN'S WRITING-helps himself 2 STEAL other ppl's work w no guilt.  He will do anything2 make a $-lie, steal, cheat, rip off comics ideas, re use already overused premises2 entertain moronic droolers."

Her final thoughts, "I forgive Ashton and Chuck! It's prob one of their writer's fault.  Send me some jokes from Chuck Lorre's shows so I can steal if funny.  One thing Chuck Lorre will never do: apologize for lifting material from me or other comics or other TV shows."

We haven't seen this much rage aimed at 'Men' and Chuck Lorre since Charlie Sheen's 2011 meltdown after he got fired.

Photo Credit: WENN