Prince Joins Twitter and Posts First Selfie

prince tweets a selfie

After once proclaiming that "the Internet is completely over," Prince has had a change of heart and is now tweeting along with nearly 555 million other users.

This new revelation prompted one Twitter follower to say, "You guys.  PRINCE HAS A TWITTER.  No wonder it's so cold in Stl.  Hell froze over."  It was rewarded with a retweet by newbie Prince.

We were less than impressed with the "first selfie" posted by @3rdeyegirl on August 13.  It appears to be a cloud of cigarette smoke.  He followed that up by adding a performance pic.  That one we get.

The account was established several months ago but Prince took control Tuesday with his first three messages:

prince hits twitter unclear on concept

Regarding his third tweet:  Yes, Prince ... definitely too much pepper!

definitely too much pepper

Thus far, @3rdeyegirl has 93,474 followers.  Once word gets out we expect that number to climb exponentially.  Welcome aboard Prince!

Photos:  Twitter-Prince