Brandi Glanville Mocks Eddie Cibrian's Aspen Family Vacation

picture perfect family in aspen

Brandi Glanville appears to be down in the dumps because her sons are enjoying a family vacation with their dad, Eddie Cibrian, and his current wife LeAnn Rimes.

Glanville, 40, tweeted Friday, "Good Morning.  My fancy kids don't want 2 wake up but they R being picked up by dad 2 go 2 Aspen! Fancy!  PS: no they won't be on Eddies show. #safetravels"

The television reference was in response to a VH1 press release several days ago promoting the upcoming reality show 'LeAnn & Eddie,' which is being hyped as a look at how the celebrity couple balances their professional life with the task of co-parenting his children.

Step-mom LeAnn didn't waste any time posted a stunning family photo on Twitter, showing the foursome smiling broadly from the top of a Colorado mountain range.  She tweeted, "Tip top of the mountain! #Heaven #Aspen"

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' celeb tweeted Saturday afternoon, "Writing now for book 2 & I have to be honest with myself, when I'm depressed or sad I drink too much & I cry too much... #justsayin Anyone else???"

Brandi's boys Mason and Jake also posed for a humorous pic with LeAnn that she captioned: "6 lil monkeys lol."

mason and jake cibrian with leann

So far the Cibrian family has enjoyed Sushi at MatsuhisaAspen and "had a blast" white water rafting.

Is it just us or does it seem like Ms Rimes is seriously enjoying the opportunity to flaunt her family time, perhaps for the benefit of her arch rival Brandi?

Photos:  Twitter-LeAnn Rimes