Ryan Seacrest Joins TODAY: Lauer Asks 'Are You Taking My Job?' VIDEO

ryan seacrest joins today team

Ryan Seacrest appeared this morning on the NBC mainstay TODAY to make a big announcement.

The American Idol host and daily radio jock has struck a new deal with Comcast's E! owned by NBC Universal that will give him ties to the morning talk show TODAY.

Expect him to cover Hollywood events and do interview specials.  He will make his NBC debut during live coverage of the London Olympics.

Rumors ran hot in December when Seacrest met with TODAY's executive producer Jim Bell that he might be tapped to replace Matt Lauer when his contract expires in 2013.

The interview took on a playful aspect as Lauer asked point blank, "Are you taking my job?"

See how Seacrest responded to that and other questions below:

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