Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook in Court Over Deadbeat Parent Claims


Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook have been divorced since 2008 but the financial battle wages on regarding claims of money owed for the upkeep of the kids.

The couple are each claiming the other is a deadbeat parent in a legal battle over funds spent on their biological daughter Sailor, 13, and a son Jack, 16, who was born during her marriage to Richard Taubman and later adopted by Cook.
christie brinkley and peter cook

Brinkley claims that Cook owes her $32,000 in expenses--his share of school tuition and summer camp for their children.

Cook is countering that with the fact that the model owes him $25,000 that he spent on the care of the children while she was performing in the musical Chicago in London.

The 91-page filing is contentious and filled with some snarky name calling.  Cook used the decidedly descriptive "narcissistic egomaniac" to describe his ex-wife.

Cook reports that Brinkley told her son in an email that Peter Cook "is jealous of my Broadway and London success."

In 2008 during their highly publicized divorce proceedings, Christie revealed in court that Cook spent thousands on internet porn and had an affair with an 18-year old neighbor.

He tried unsuccessfully to bribe the teen to stay silent in exchange for a $300,000 payoff but she ended up spilling the entire story in front of the judge overseeing the proceedings.

Christie has another daughter Alexa Ray with singer Billy Joel.

Photo Credit:  WENN