Lindsay Lohan Buys Baggie of Stuff in Venice Beach: Video

lindsay lohan buying drugs

If Lindsay Lohan was planning to purchase something illegal, would she be foolish enough to do so in broad daylight?  The Internet has been buzzing with claims that the actress was captured on video buying drugs on a Venice Beach street.

We have the footage and we agree it looks very suspicious.  A gentleman pulls a baggie out of his pocket.  Lohan and a male friend examine the contents, as seen in the above photo.  As pedestrians walk by, they all look down and Lindsay writes in a notebook.

At one point she grabs something from one of the men and puts it in her pocket.  Then she pulls out a lighter and has a cigarette.

Throughout the video there is a lot of writing in notebooks...what in the world are they writing?

After X-17 broke the story and aired the video, Lindsay took to her Twitter page, calling the website "gross":

lindsay lohan twitter

Lohan's rep contacted X17 and said, "The bag contained crystals that had been purchased for Lindsay at a local shop."

That's awesome!  Not drugs.  The bag reportedly contained sea jasper, a meteor, and rose quartz.   Excuse us if we are just a little puzzled for any number of reasons.  Crystals? Seriously?

Check out the video and let us know what you think:

Photo Credit: Video Screen Shot