Aretha Franklin Escapes Ticket by Singing on Manhattan Street

aretha franklin sings her way out of a ticket

Aretha Franklin nearly picked up a parking ticket while enjoying dinner at Neely's Barbecue Parlor on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Monday night..

When the Queen of Soul and her entourage of 10 were on their way out to their vehicle after an evening spent in the famous establishment owned by Food Network stars Pat and Gina Neely, Franklin noticed a meter maid preparing to write out a ticket for one of their illegally-parked rides.

The quick thinking diva broke into an impromptu rendition of R-E-S-P-E-C-T and the sufficiently serenaded public employee decided the prudent thing to do would be to ask for an autograph rather than issue a citation.   The parking enforcement officer handed Franklin an envelope for her 'John Henry' and everyone went away happy.

The talented musician recently revealed that she underwent weight loss surgery earlier this year in order to regain her health.

Check out Aretha crooning the iconic song below:

Photo:  WENN