Jose Canseco: Leila Shennib Seeks Permanent Restraining Order

jose canseco and leila shennib in happlier times

Former MLB bad boy Jose Canseco is in trouble yet again.  This time his ex-girlfriend Leila Shennib is seeking a permanent restraining order to keep the athlete away.

According to papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by the swimsuit and glamour model, she is seeking protection for herself and her mother at their homes, in their vehicles and while they are in the workplace.

Shennib broke up with Canseco six months ago and she claims he has been harassing her ever since.  She told, "One day he's proposing to me and sending me flowers and teddy bears, and the next day he's slamming me on Twitter, putting my phone number up there and saying hurtful things."

She continued, "I really did love him, so all of this is hard for me.  I just can't take his torture anymore.  He's so manipulative."

Leila obtained a temporary order from an L.A. County judge on July 21.  She'll find out on August 11 if His Honor agrees with her assessment of the situation and makes the order permanent.

Canseco had a short stint on Celebrity Apprentice in March 2011 but left a month later-- citing a family illness.  Days later he and his twin brother Ozzie Canseco signed a deal with the Yuma Scorpions of the North American League.  The brothers were added to the teams' roster and Jose was also given a field manager position.

A few weeks earlier, Jose tried to pull a fast one on Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman, accepting a $5,000 advance for a match and then sending his twin bro to the March 2011 event.  Ozzie showed up at the Miami venue with naked biceps and was quickly determined to be a tattoo-less fraud - check out the photos and video here.

Photo:  WENN