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It was Sinatra night on the hit FOX reality show American Idol and Harry Connick Jr. was on hand to mentor the five remaining contestants. Not only did he critique them but he actually arranged all of their music and brought his orchestra along to accompany each performance.

The Top 5 seemed more comfortable and at ease than on any other show this season. Harry laughed and joked throughout last night’s program too, bringing a light-hearted vibe that has been decidedly absent this season.

Aaron Kelly started out the show with “Fly Me to the Moon”. Randy thought he did a “really good job”. Ellen said he had “good vocals”. Kara wanted to see “more charisma”, and Simon acknowledged that people like him because he tries hard but the song “didn’t have the conviction”.

Casey James sang “Blue Skies”. The judges were not impressed. Randy called it “your worst performance”. Ellen thought it felt stiff. Kara felt his voice had a funky sound reminiscent of a bleating lamb. Simon wasn’t as harsh and merely said “you weren’t fantastic”. Even Harry chimed in and said that he was much better two hours earlier in rehearsal.

Crystal Bowersox performed “Summer Wind”. For the second week in a row she was singing it for her boyfriend and it affected her negatively. Randy called it “a little sleepy”. Ellen tried to remain positive and said her voice is “so impressive’. Kara liked “her phrasing”. Simon said that she has been “just ok” for the past two shows. He finished with “I expected better”.

Michael Lynche showcased “The Way You Look Tonight”. Randy is over the moon about this guy and proclaimed, “You’re in it to win it.” Ellen and Kara gave lackluster albeit positive soundbites of “you are comfortable on stage”, and “you didn’t lose yourself in the song”. Simon proclaimed, “You are back in the game.”

Singing last was Lee DeWyze who chose “That’s Life”. Randy was pleased and said, “You stayed your rocker self.” Ellen was ready to award him the American Idol title. She said, “You would have won this whole thing if tonight had been the finale.” Simon said, “You gave it 110%. It was by far the best performance of the night”.

So the tide has turned against Crystal and the former paint salesman is making his move. It is possible that Crystal peaked early, while DeWyze has been slowly gaining momentum with each passing week.

The weak link this week appears to be Aaron Kelly. The teen is talented but it doesn’t seem likely he will be vying for the title. Casey had a very bad night but his fan base won’t hold it against him. Crystal and Lee are the most likely to be going head to head in the finale, and if he keeps advancing – he may well blow right past her to win it all.

Our very own Danni Starr appeared this morning on Fox 9 Idol Buzz in the Twin Cities and weighed in on who is going home Wednesday night, as seen with the other videos after the jump.

See the performance videos below:

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