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The Sirius airwaves were filled with a venomous attack yesterday by radio shock-jock Howard Stern. He vented against Academy Award nominee Gabourey Sidibe, of ‘Precious’ fame, in an obese-phobic conversation that was ridicule laced and delivered in a pompously arrogant manner.

Stern said, “There’s the most enormous, fat black chick I’ve ever seen. She is enormous. Everyone’s pretending she’s a part of show business and she’s never going to be in another movie. She should have gotten the Best Actress award because she’s never going to have another shot. What movie is she gonna be in?”

Co-host Robin Quivers continued, “And Oprah’s lying and saying you’re going to have a brilliant career.” Stern replied, “Oprah’s another liar, a filthy liar. She’s telling an enormous woman the size of a planet that she’s going to have a career.”

Perhaps Stern and Quivers haven’t heard that Gabby will be appearing in a recurring role as a student in the new Showtime series “The C Word” and is slated to appear with Zoe Kravitz in a movie drama titled “Yelling to the Sky”.

Something that Sidibe will soon discover is that success IS the best revenge.

LISTEN to the Stern audio below: