Kate Gosselin Reality Dating Show

kate gosselin reality show

When will we ever put an end to reality shows?  Yet another one is being pitched and this one would put Kate Gosselin of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" fame back in front of the cameras.

We know that Kate has eight children to feed but the first reality show ended badly for everyone involved.  At her worst, she acted like a monster, though she seemed to tone it down in a major way after she didn't have to put up with her husband on a daily basis.  In an interesting twist, it was Jon Gosselin who turned out to resemble a crazy lunatic.

The show being pitched is reportedly a dating show where Kate would look for a new guy?  Oh man!  Unless she has softened up since the split, only men with very low self esteem and a penchant for lots of children need apply.

The show is only in the developmental stages and may never see the light of day...and doesn't seem like anything that TLC would embrace.  It seems more likely that a different spin will emerge based on the fact that she is still under contract with The Learning Channel.

Television executives seem to agree that whether you love her or hate her -  people are fascinated by Kate.  Just ask Barbara Walters, who named her one of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009.

Guys let us know...would you date Kate?

Photo:  WENN