Jon Gosselin in France with Hailey Glassman

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This seems like an odd fit to us but rumor has it that famous clothing designer Christian Audigier, of the Ed Hardy clothing line, has set up a meeting with Jon & and Kate Plus 8 celeb Jon Gosselin to discuss a business opportunity.

The two met in St. Tropez, France at the end of last week, and spent time aboard the fashion designer's yacht.  Initially we believed it was all about Jon but have since discovered that he orchestrated an introductory meeting between Audigier and his new 22-year-old girlfriend,  Hailey Glassman, too.

He and Glassman plan to launch a new line of kids clothing and Jon apparently felt comfortable hooking her up with the Ed Hardy people.  We know that Gosselin has been sporting some clothing from the EH line and have now discovered that he has a definite tie to Audigier.

It appears that Audigier has agreed to work with the pair, allowing them direct access to him.  The hook is that the eight Gosselin children will appear in all of the ads, wearing the togs from the new line.   Presumably Kate Gosselin is on board with Jon's new enterprise.  He is due back in Pennsylvania on Tuesday to start filming new episodes which will begin airing on August 3.

The sweatshirt shown above that Jon has worn on Jon & Kate Plus 8 probably set him back $275 and the edgy designer jeans at $150 (see below) that he was sporting on the show in early June are also a spendy proposition.   Audigier is obviously pleased to see clothing from the Ed Hardy line being worn by the high profile father of eight.

UPDATE:  A rep for the Ed Hardy line says that there is no kids clothing line being planned between Audigier and Gosselin.  He says he was simply "taking care of" Gosselin and his new girlfriend while they were vacationing.  Sweet....

Now that isn't what reporters heard from Gosselin when he passed through customs on his return to the U.S.  Jon said he had paperwork to go through before a deal could be struck on a kid's clothing line.  We're guessing he has to have Kate sign off on anything involving the use of their children in print ads - and she likely will want a cut in that action.  We're just saying...

Gosselin was first seen sneaking around Manhattan with Hailey in late May and things have obviously heated up.  She is the daughter of Kate's tummy tuck doctor Lawrence Glassman.  Apparently she does come with some baggage, having been arrested in 2005 for possession of marijuana, hashish and hashish oil in 2005 - see mugshot and details here.

Jon and Kate issued a statement not long ago that they were taking time off to help their children recover from the shock of their impending divorce.  Apparently Jon has left that task to his soon-to-be ex-wife while he enjoys a vacation that includes walking hand in hand on the French Riviera with his new young companion.

View a photo of the couple below and more photos of the couple here.

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