Emma Watson Wardrobe Malfunction PHOTOS

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Emma Watson, 19, experienced what we often refer to as a Wardrobe Oops! during a premiere showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in London a few days ago.  Watson has starred in the recurring role of Hermione Granger in the successful film series since age nine.

Watson graced the red carpet in a split front flowing gown and parasol on July 7.  The event was moving along as planned until Watson greeted one fan at the same time the front of her dress parted to reveal her underwear.

David Letterman had some fun at Emma's expense, revealing photos on his late night talk show while encouraging her to discuss the matter.  She remarked, "At least I'm wearing underwear."  She then lamented, "I'm still learning this stuff."

View David Letterman video (7 minute mark on slider) below.

Photos:  WENN