Britney Spears Headed For Another Breakdown?


While it looks to the outside world like Britney Spears is keeping it together mentally and physically these days, is suggesting quite the contrary, with their use of words like, "off her rocker, bonkers, whacked and one fry short of a Happy Meal."

Britney suffered a very public breakdown 18 months ago and now, with her family by her side and closely managed appearances, we're not seeing any of the antics that signaled her downward spiral.

Sources close to Britney and her situation believe her behavior is becoming increasingly erratic and are worried about another breakdown.  Ex-husband Kevin Federline was even quoted as saying, "Britney's speaking gibberish baby talk."  Friends say the superstar is still hearing voices and has cravings for drugs and alcohol.

Another insider said that Spears is also obsessed with unicorns at the moment and truly believes that they are real and live in a zoo in New Zealand.  The family is said to be keeping a close eye on her and have contacted doctors.

We don't know if there is even a smidgen of truth to this report but thought it was interesting enough to share with our readers.  What do you think?   Unicorns indeed!

Photo:  WENN