Jillian Michaels Target of Biggest Loser Drug Investigation

jillian michaels cleared of drug accusations

The dust has settled on the latest season of the hit NBC reality show The Biggest Loser.  The season seven winner, Helen Phillips, was clearly the dark horse when she returned for the final weigh-in and won the title and $250,000.

Now we are hearing that there was trouble behind the scenes during the filming, with accusations leveled against trainer Jillian Michaels.  It has been revealed that Filipe Fa voiced allegations that Michaels was providing weight loss drugs to her team members and he was overheard saying it.

In one episode, Fa was adamantly against training with Michaels when the teams were flip-flopped.  Many assumed he was so tied to trainer Bob Harper that he didn't want to train with Jillian, who he said ignored him totally.  Viewers were surprised that the show allowed him to refuse to train with Michaels, and let him stay with Harper.

Now that mystery has been cleared up.   There was bad blood between Filipe and Jillian because of the allegations that he had raised.  Michaels admits now that she was furious.  Fa, unconvincingly tried to gloss it over by saying, "We had some issues, obviously, with us switching teams.  There was never an accusation about her giving drugs."

Fa's denial doesn't sit well with executive producer Mark Koops.  "The accusation came from Filipe", he confirms.  He went on to say that the camera crew overheard Filipe making those accusations, which prompted an internal investigation.

According to Koops, contestants routinely undergo blood and urine testing, as part of their contract.  Medical professionals do, however, dispense multi-vitamins and caffeine pills and any prescription medications that have been ordered by a physician for health issues.  Several of the contestants had hypertension at the start of their weight-loss journey.  They were able to shed the drugs as they became healthier through diet and intensive exercise.

Jillian said, "We had an entire 'Kenneth Starr' investigation.  Because the minute someone makes that claim, you have to.  They didn't shut down production, but it took a week.  I was so furious, so disgusted.  I felt so betrayed."

The investigation cleared Michaels of any wrongdoing.

Check out before and after photos of her accuser below.

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