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We are having a hard time deciding what we think about the recent photo shoot and interview that Levi Johnston did for GQ magazine. Intimate photos of Levi changing the diaper of his son Tripp as well as a photo of a bare-chested father and his naked son are among the shots. Tripp’s mother is Bristol Palin, daughter of Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

He did some trash talking about his up and down relationship with the Palin family. Levi says he is uncomfortable just going over to their home and believes that Sarah and Todd pressured their daughter to break ties with Levi.

Johnston talks about his three-year relationship with Bristol and the love that he had for her. The whole ordeal sent mixed messages to him as far as what the Palin family wanted to see happen with the relationship. The first signal that Johnston got, after the couple announced her pregnancy, was that Bristol’s mother and father favored a wedding between the two under-age teens. He said that as soon as the Republican National Convention was over, things deteriorated quickly.

Levi went public with the fact that the Palin family wouldn’t allow him to take his son to his own home for visits. He said he was desperate to interact with his child without having to have his every move scrutinized.

He has finally made a breakthrough in that regard, but one wonders if this recent photo shoot may put him back in the dog house. The top photo shows the baby with his little bare legs exposed in the early Alaska spring weather. Then note the heavy coat that baby daddy is wearing. Poor judgment? We’re just saying….

More photos and video of Levi and Tripp below.

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