Jared Ashley Assault: John Rich Surrenders to Nashville Police (VIDEO)

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John Rich of the country music duo Big & Rich turned himself in at a Nashville police station on Thursday, May 28, 2009.   He will face charges that have been filed by Nashville Star season four reality show contestant Jared Ashley.

A rep for Davidson County Sheriff's Department told ET that Rich has been released from custody after posting a $3,000 bond.  He has been charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and one misdemeanor charge of harassment.

The charges stem from a fight that erupted on March 13, 2009, when Ashley entered The Spot, Rich's private Nashville club.  According to the criminal complaint, Rich hit Ashley in the face.

This isn't John's first brush with the law.  He was on a roll last October, when he initiated two bar brawls within 24 hours.  Check out those details here.

Regarding the latest allegations, John's attorney released the following statement:  "This entire ridiculous situation is nothing more than an effort by singer Jared Ashley, and music row attorney Chris Sevier, to try to obtain money from me.   Mr. Sevier and Mr. Ashley have falsely accused me of misdemeanor crimes.  I trust that the truth will come out through the process of our American justice system and that I will be completely exonerated at the end of the day."

He continued, "It's unfortunately common in my line of work that there are a very small number of people who want to take advantage of another person's success and try to get something for nothing.  I truly did make every effort to work this out in connection with the defamation lawsuit I filed against Mr. Ashley.  Yesterday, I decided that a civil settlement would be impossible due to the fact that Mr. Ashley and his attorney demanded that I pay Jared Ashley $2.9 million dollars, even though he is the one who has defamed me.  He has now chosen to bring these false charges against me.  I intend to defend myself through the legal process to the fullest extend of the law."

John tied the knot in December 2008 with Joan Bush, his girlfriend of five years.

Check out video that Jared Ashley published you YouTube below.

Unfortunately - the videos have been removed by Jared Ashley and are not longer available.