Bree Walker is a Warrior (Photos)

bree walker photo 1

Bree Walker is a progressive talk show radio host , news anchor, investigative reporter, actress and warrior for disability rights and progressive causes.  

She inherited a rare genetic condition called ectrodactyly.  Her fingers and toes are fused together.  She hid the condition with a pair of glove-like prosthetic hands early in her career but has since gone public with her condition and has continued to have a successful broadcasting and acting career.

She has been married three times.  He latest ex-husband is sportscaster Jim Lampley.  They have a son and daughter who also share Bree's condition.  She and Lampley have 14 projects in development through her TV and movie production company.  Among her co-production credits are a cult hit Welcome to Hollywood and NBC's Race Across America.

Walker is a regular contributor to New Image magazine and is a popular guest speaker on issues pertaining to diversity and self-esteem.

Walker owns Camp Casey, a five acre site she purchased from war activist Cindy Sheehan for $87,000 in June 2007.   Bree plans to preserve Camp Casey as a permanent symbol of the grassroots movement that allowed dissident voices to be heard across America.

More photos below and a video showcasing her children and their medical mystery.

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  • jim lampley and bree walker
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