Nicole Kidman's Bodyguard Attacks Paparazzi (Video)

Nicole Kidman's bodyguard, David Michael Garris, attacked a photographer for Flynet on Thursday, giving him a serious beating.

The photog, Jeremy, was following Kidman and her bodyguard in Santa Monica as they were making their way to the gym, when the bodyguard got out of his vehicle and began beating Jeremy.

Prior to this incident, Kidman's trainer attacked a 53-year-old photographer while they were jogging on Wednesday.

Although the paparazzi may be annoying, they are doing their job, and shouldn't have to feel their life is in danger when they go to work. The bodyguard's actions are completely unjustified.

On the other side of the coin, the paparazzi should obey laws and not endanger others in their quest for obtaining celebrity photos. It seems this is becoming more and more dangerous each day.

WARNING: The video below contains violence and explicit language. Flynet has pictures of the victim's face after the attack. The guy took quite a beating.