"Sports Wife from Hell" Joumana Kidd Gets Hustled


Joumana Kidd, the controversial soon-to-be ex-wife of NBA star Jason Kidd, found herself getting hustled by former Extreme Wrestling producer, Paul Heyman, in NYC.

Nicknamed "Hurricane Joumana" by the media after blistering allegations in the ongoing divorce proceedings, Joumana has earned a reputation as "the sports wife from Hell."

Jason Kidd, with the New Jersey Nets, filed for divorce last year citing "extreme cruelty" and said she had kick, hit, and punched him.Heyman, who hosts a new broadband television show, The Heyman Hustle, attended the Christiana Vodka party in NYC, where the big question of the evening was whether Miss Swedish Vodka, Lina Axmacher's breast are "real or fake."

With the cameras rolling Heyman asked Joumana some controversial questions that had some of the crew on edge.

"Paul asked questions that would have allegedly gotten Jason Kidd punched or kicked," joked The Sun's Simon Rothstein, "I don't think Joumana has ever been spoken to, or even questioned that way in her entire life!"

“She no doubt lives up to her hype as the sexiest ex-wife in sports today, but the media reports of her beating up her husband, being a total diva, and being a total man eater had us all on edge...except for Paul, obviously!"

By the end of the night Paul has Joumana and Miss Swedish Vodka, Lina Axmacher, the new spokesperson for Christiana Vodka, dancing on his table. Rothstein says "So either this episode serves as the platform for someone FINALLY putting Joumana in her place ... or it demonstrates Joumana is in on the joke, and can make fun of her notorious reputation."

View the Heyman Hustle video at The Sun.