Paris Hilton's Wardrobe Malfunction Nip Slip (Photos)

paris hilton starting to lose it photos

Paris Hilton was dancing and singing up a storm at The Estate in Boston when she gave the crowd more than they were expecting. Her dressed slipped, revealing her breasts. She grabbed and shielded herself with her hands. We've got some photos (below) and a video clip of the momentous events.

Speaking of momentous events, the celebrity was in town for a presentation by the Harvard Lampoon. Paris accepted the Woman of the Year award in front of a crowd of about 100 college students. As she explained to her fans afterward, "They're honoring me for being in business and my acting."

Paris has been having a rather rough spell. Last weekend 50 Cent told her to get the f**k off his stage when she tried to dance during his performance.

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