Lynne & Jamie Spears in Court Today

Britney Spears parents, Lynne Spears and Jamie Spears were seen at the LA courthouse fighting for the welfare of their daughter. The family is seeking conservatorship, which will give them the legal right to make all medical and financial decisions for their eldest daughter while she is in an incapacitated state.

Lynne and Jamie are in agreement that Sam Lutfi is putting their daughter's health and assets at risk. Lutfi has reportedly been working with his lawyer to get Britney Spears released from the hospital. In the meantime, Brit's parents have reportedly changed the locks on their daughter's home in an effort to totally shut Lutfi out of their daughter's life.

The feud continues between the two camps and the pawn is Britney. Can't help but side with the parents on this one. Hope they are able to put the run to Lutfi. He has shown that greed and control have made him Brit's worst nightmare rather than the pal that everyone thought him to be. The verdict is still out on Adnan Ghalib.