Brandon Davis Detained For Having Too Much Cash

brandon davis

Well, I bet this isn't something you thought you would be reading about loud mouth, greasy, Paris fame loving leach Brandon Davis. Not knowing what and if he does anything to make a living, the oil heir was detained for 2 hours by airport officials while vacationing in Australia with girlfriend Cheyenne Tozzi. The problem? Too much money.

Davis was said to be carrying a large amount of cash. Australian law states that if you have more than $10,000 when you arrive at the airport, you must declare it. He hit a snag a while back that turned into a check bouncing debacle. He must have maxed his credit cards too because why else would you carry that much cash, and where the heck would you put it to keep it safe?

To make matters worse, Brandon's girl got sick and tired of waiting for him and after two hours finally called some friends to pick her up and she left him to muddle through on his own. If she was smart she would have stayed with her friends. But then again, he did have lots of cash.