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After a tumultuous morning on the 7th floor of Cedars Sinai Hospital in which Britney Spears reportedly threw a fit, screamed at staff and pulled out her IV demanding to be released, she was escorted out of the facility via an underground tunnel by Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil had been talking with Britney and her family members this morning. The show is taping a Britney Spears special on Monday, to be aired on Wednesday, and has requested video of Britney from TMZ. No word yet on whether Britney will be on the set of the Dr. Phil Show on Monday.

Speculation is that Britney suffers from bipolar disorder, something I have been saying to family and friends for months when conversation about Bitten and Bound inevitably turns to Britney Spears. Britney is the topic of the majority of posts we have done on the site since we began in July.

The hospital could only hold Britney for a maximum of 72 hours against her will, and was required to release her if it was determined she was no longer a danger to herself of others.

I truly hope Britney receives the care she needs, for her sake and for the sake of her children.