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nancy benoit the private photos of fallen angel

Hustler magazine has obtained a videotape of Nancy Benoit, the murdered wife of pro wrestler Chris Benoit. The video is what remains of a nude photo shoot that Nancy did in the 1980's that she hoped would springboard her into a career in adult modeling.

When Nancy met and married wrestler Kevin Sullivan, she began her career as a wrestling personality and the negatives from the nude photos were destroyed. Taken over 20 years ago by radio DJ Mark Samansky, the video is the source of the pictures in Hustler, which will be appearing in the magazine's upcoming issue.

Nancy Toffoloni Daus Sullivan Benoit was a major sex symbol in the wrestling world, as she sold a series of THE PRIVATE PHOTOS OF FALLEN ANGEL risque pictures through wrestling magazine ads in 1986. Before adopting the name WOMAN in Ted Turner's WCW and Paul Heyman's original Extreme Championship Wrestling promotions, Nancy was known as The Fallen Angel, a sadomasochistic sex kitten beholden to Kevin Sullivan's implied Satantic Cult.

View pictures from Nancy Benoit's Hustler pictures - 'The Private Photos of Fallen Angel' below.

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