Lindsay Lohan Kissing Her Way Through Italy (Photos)

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The girl is on a rampage. Lindsay Lohan is kissing everything in pants during her Italian holiday. Bitten and Bound reported yesterday that the actress dined with an unidentified, good looking guy. She was apparently just getting warmed up. We've got pictures of the Hollywood celebrity locking lips with three different hot guys, all in the span of 24 hours.

Daily Mail caught all the action and we've got the photos to show the escapades of the American star on foreign soil. If we can keep this all straight, she first met waiter Alessandro Di Nunzio shortly after arriving in Capri for the 12th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival. That is where the couple met and exchanged phone numbers. Lohan, 21, attended the event with Heroes star Hayden Panettiere, 18.

Lohan hooked up with Nunzio, afterward, for a meal and then the two got cozy on a hotel sofa. Her next encounter was with Italian actor Eduardo Costa. She also found time to snuggle with another local actor, Dario Faiella.

The actress is ending a particularly rocky year and appears to be living a healthier lifestyle. Her extended stints in rehab for drug and alcohol treatment have apparently paid off for Lindsay. We wonder if part of her treatment regimen is sharing the love with everyone she encounters.

We don't know how long Lohan will be in Capri but if she does three guys a day, that could end up to be a whole lot of lip locking before she's done. If her first career doesn't work out, she could become an international goodwill ambassador.

We've got all of the pictures and all of the kisses below. We've even include done of Lohan will ex beau Riley Giles. Hard to believe that he is now referring to Lohan as a sex addict. Whatever can he mean?

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