Jeanne Carmen Hollywood Pinup Girl Dead at 77 (Photos)

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Jeanne Carmen was a popular 1950's pinup girl and actress who hobnobbed with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe has died at age 77.

The legendary "little country girl" ran away at age 13 and landed in New York where she got a job as a dancer in a Broadway show called Burlesque. She later went into modeling where she gained popularity in cheesecake photos featured in men's magazines.

She reinvented her career in later life and became a trick golfer. She followed the men's golf tour and performed trick shots, including hitting a golf ball out of a man's mouth. She also claimed to have been involved in hustling golfers with Las Vegas mobster Johnny Rosseli

Jeanne Carmen died at her Orange County, California home. She is survived by one son and two daughters.

We've included additional pictures.

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