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When Jennifer Lopez was pregnant, she was a sight to behold!

Radiant, joyful – we could gush on and on!

Ever since she reunited and finally married Ben Affleck, fans have hoped that the pair, who have kids with other people, would finally have a baby of their own.

A vision of love. ((Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images,))

But now, with rumors running rampant that Bennifer is about to meet their end of a second time, the idea of these two could be having a baby seems more far-fetched than ever.

Despite the fact that just a month before, reports suggested they were talking in earnest about a baby!

Could Jennifer Lopez still get pregnant? Does she want to?! Here’s what we know.

Jennifer Lopez Has Two Children From Her Previous Marriage

J.Lo has two kids with her ex-husband Marc Anthony, twins Emme and Max.  The kiddos were born in February 2008, meaning they’ll be celebrating their sweet 16 in 2024!

The trio are incredibly close, with Emme even following in mom’s footsteps with a love of performing.

Jennifer pregnant in 2008 with her twins with husband Marc Anthony. ((Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for IMG))

The best thing about her kids? They keep her grounded! In a recent interview, the twins actually told their mom they liked her old music better than anything she’s recorded during their lifetime. 

“They said, ‘Is this you, Mommy?,’” the twins asked after Jennifer played them tracks off of  her 2002 album, This Is Me…Then.  

I’m like, “Yeah, this is an album I did 18 years ago.’ I played them another song and asked them if they liked it, and they said yes, and I said, ‘I wrote this.’ And then they’re like, ‘Yeah, we like this more than the music you make now,’ ” she said. “Ouch. But a good ouch.”

Jennifer and Ben with her child, Emme. ((Photo by Romain Maurice/Getty Images for Haute Living))

Ben Affleck Has Three Kids With His Ex-Wife

As for Jennifer’s better half, Ben has 3 teenagers of his own to wrangle: Violet Anne, 18, Seraphina Rose, 15, and Samuel, 11.

Ben’s children have a different “Jennifer” mother, however; Jennifer Garner, Ben’s longtime wife before J.Lo round two, gave birth to all of Ben’s kids. 

In the years since Bennifer reunited, Ben and J.Lo’s kids have been seen together quite a bit. Even the two Jennifers have been spotted getting along. 

Clearly, the blended family is working out. 

Ben Affleck with his youngest son, Samuel. ((Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images))

Jennifer Lopez Pregnant: Does She Want Another Baby? 

 “I don’t know that it’s in God’s plan but I would like to try. I’m so open to it!” 

That is what Jennifer told People Magazine in 2019 about having more kids. 

Full disclosure, this statement came well before her reunion with Ben; in fact, she was engaged to Alex Rodriguez at the time.

But still, it was clear that, despite juggling two teenagers, Jennifer was still thinking about being a mother again all those years later. 

And now? The pair have stayed fairly mum on the topic, but there were reports that the pair started “baby planning” almost immediately after they were married in 2022.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attend the Los Angeles premiere of Warner Bros. “The Flash” in 2023. (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images)

“The official line they tell friends is that they’re just grateful to have this beautiful, blended family and that’s all they need besides each other,” said a source to Closer Weekly.

The alleged insider at the time said that their “ preferred scenario of surrogacy”. And that the pair would hopefully have a “baby in their arms by this time next year, possibly twins if they’re lucky enough.”

But that moment had come and gone. Yet, in it’s place, a two new reports sprung up:

One about a happy future with a baby – and another forecasting the end of their marriage!

A Baby in a Carriage or the End Of Their Marriage?

In April 2024, a source shared with Life & Style that Jennifer had been trying to persuade Ben for awhile to have a baby via surrogate — and had “finally got him to cave in.” 

“She nagged him until he went along with it,” adds the source. “Ben was completely happy with the blended family they already have — but he loves kids, that’s why he agreed to having another. At the end of the day, he wants Jennifer to be happy.”

But no sooner did this blessed news drop did another tale about their marriage come to light – and this one took on much more steam!

But the start of May, the world became wildly concerned that Bennifer was headed for a breakup. No one had seen them together for weeks, Ben stopped wearing his ring, and it seemed everyone had a source insisting the marriage had failed.

Well, a baby surely won’t fix a broken marriage. But if they can work through it, then maybe another little one could be in the works!