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On Sunday, 90 Day Fiance finally introduced Sam Wilson and Citra to Season 10 viewers.

Sam is a likable, earnest, sympathetic guy. He won over viewers with his story of addiction and recovery.

Though he and Citra do not initially seem to have much in common (except a fondness for butts), they fell wildly in love.

But Sam has a secret that he hasn’t shared. His fear is that it could tear them apart before their two-week wedding deadline.

More than halfway through Season 10, 90 Day Fiance viewers met Sam Wilson. (Image Credit: TLC)

30-year-old Sam Wilson is from Cameron, Missouri.

Three years ago, he met Citra, who is from Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. She is now 26.

It was Citra who first slid into his DMs. She shared that his youthful face took her aback. Though she’s clearly gorgeous, Sam didn’t feel the spark at first. Instead of “love at first message,” their affection blossomed over time.

When Sam flew out to meet Citra in person, it was the best trip of his life. (Image Credit: TLC)

Quickly, Sam found that it was easy to talk to Citra. She has a friendly and delightful personality.

After a year, he opened up to her about his past. And after two years, he flew out to meet her in person.

Sam didn’t have a ring — or the money to buy one. But that didn’t stop him from dropping to one knee and proposing. She said “yes.”

Citra was not expecting Sam’s proposal in Indonesia, but she quickly said “yes.” (Image Credit: TLC)

Love alone is not enough — even when people have compatible personalities.

Citra is a devout Muslim. Though it sounds like this is more about her family than about Citra’s own desires, Sam will need to convert to Islam before they marry.

Sam is an atheist, so this could be a challenge. His mother and her family are devout Christians. And his father has some sort of quasi-spiritual belief involving aliens.

Though Sam did not name the “online retailer” that employs him, it’s not a secret. (Image Credit: TLC)

Sam works hard. He works double shifts at an unnamed online retailer (note the Amazon logo on the box). Because he has a one-hour commute, he often sleeps in his car rather than drive home and back.

According to Sam, his job is essentially like being a dockworker.

It is not the career that he envisioned for himself. However, he says that his past has limited his options.

Pulling double shifts and even sleeping in his car, Sam Wilson works hard. (Image Credit: TLC)

Though Sam has not yet shared everything about his past, we know that he became addicted to pain medicine when he was only 15 years old.

In his early 20s, he became sober. There were relapses that followed, but he has fought courageously to regain control of his life.

His addiction filled his life with misery. And during that time, his opiate addiction made him unable to have a real, meaningful relationship.

When he isn’t using his car to powernap, Sam lives with his father, Brian. (Image Credit: TLC)

It has been nearly a decade since Sam became sober.

In addition to remaining that way for himself, he is also staying sober for Citra.

Sam gushes that no one in his life has ever believed in him the way that Citra does. He doesn’t want to ruin things with her.

Like Sam, it seems that Citra is a fan of the booty. (Image Credit: TLC)

We do not know what the “secret” that Sam briefly mentioned might be.

He hasn’t told her yet.

His fear is that, when he tells her, she will tell her dad. And that her father would then put a stop to their relationship.

Citra won’t come to the US alone. Her father will also tag along to chaperone these grown adults. It’s giving Duggar vibes. (Image Credit: TLC)

Sam finds Citra’s father, Herman, intimidating. He is a police officer in Indonesia.

Apparently, he is so wrapped up in policing his daughter’s body that he’s tagging along to make sure that they don’t have sex before marriage.

This will also give Sam and Citra a two-week window to marry. The K-1 visa offers 90 days, which is in and of itself not enough time.

Citra is a Muslim, and made it clear to Sam that he will need to convert to Islam. (Image Credit: TLC)

Sam has a lot of fears that he won’t live up to Citra, or her father’s, expectations.

There is always a chance that Citra will just turn around and return to Indonesia before the wedding day arrives.

That may very well depend upon whatever secret Sam is harboring. One guess may be a drug-related criminal history (thus his limited job options), but we don’t really know.