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Happy anniversary to Kalani Faagata and Dallas Nuez!

Even though Dallas didn’t actually join Kalani on 90 Day: The Last Resort, he was a hot topic on the spinoff’s debut season.

Though the season only ended earlier this autumn, Dallas and Kalani have been together for quite a while.

In fact, it’s been one year. Officially. To celebrate, they’re gushing over each other in a rare photo of both of them.

On her Instagram profile photo in August 2023, Kalani Faagata appears in a selfie. She looks great … and that appears to be Dallas Nuez by her side. This was months before Kalani posted more of him to her feed. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

On her Instagram Story, Kalani Faagata shared a Polaroid-style selfie with Dallas Nuez.

Note that we said that it’s in the style of a Polaroid. There are a number of filters that give digital photos various retro looks.

“You are the exception,” she wrote alongside a big red heart.

An Instagram Story of Dallas Nuez showering Kalani Faagata with love.
Marking their one year anniversary, Kalani Faagata and Dallas Nuez gushed over each other on their Instagram Stories in November 2023. Good for them! (Image Credit: Instagram)

Dallas, in turn, reposted Kalani’s Story post.

“You’re my everything,” he gushed in his own caption.

“I appreciate everything you do for me,” Dallas added. “And I love you with all of my fatu.”

Dallas Nuez is not Samoan. During an Instagram Q&A in early November, he explained that his family is from Hawai’i and the Philippines. (Image Credit: Instagram)

As one might infer from context, “fatu” means “heart” in Samoan.

Dallas personally is not Samoan. He is of both Hawaiian and Filipino descent.

However, Kalani is of Samoan descent through her father, Low. It sounds like their cultural exchange goes both ways.

Dallas Nuez shared during his early November Q&A that he loves food, and has some specific favorites. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Previously, Dallas has opened up about sharing aspects of his heritage with Kalani.

Admittedly, he has mostly spoken about food. Traditional dishes from the Philippines and from Hawai’i.

Honestly? Sharing family recipes can be one of the most meaningful, important, and rewarding ways to show your love. And it’s a fun way to do a cultural exchange.

Dallas Nuez appears in an Instagram Story photo, standing in chest-deep ocean water and facing away from the camera.
At the very end of October 2023, Kalani Faagata officially shared boyfriend Dallas Nuez on her Instagram Story. She had waited years to find this happiness. Good for her! (Image Credit: Instagram)

To some 90 Day Fiance viewers, this may seem extremely sudden. And a few may even find it confusing.

After all, it hasn’t even been a full month since we watched the finale of 90 Day: The Last Resort‘s premiere season.

That was where viewers learned of Asuelu Pulaa’s extensive cheating on Kalani, which began before they married and continued through last year. It was where Kalani shared Dallas’ existence. And it was where she formally asked Asuelu for a divorce.

Kalani Faagata has tears in her eyes.
Kalani Faagata tears up as she says that her husband only began making an effort to become a good partner years too late. (Image Credit: TLC)

But that spinoff filmed in January of this year. In fact, we reported on it at the time — before the show’s name, The Last Resort, even became known.

(It’s hard to keep your spinoff a secret when Angela Deem is screaming her head off at a hotel — people notice, and write angry reviews about how she ruined their vacations)

And Kalani had, as she noted on the show, known Dallas for months. Now we know that their relationship began in November. Good for them!

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