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Late last week, we reported on Karine Martins’ posts about Paul Staehle disappearing in Brazil.

With only limited information from Karine and (indirectly) from Paul’s mom, Mary, it looks like he became lost.

Some fans wondered if it was a prank. Others speculated that, after days missing, he might be dead.

The US consulate became involved in the search for him. Now, one piece of evidence has turned up to suggest that he’s alive … but not home safe.

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On his Instagram Story, Paul Staehle has often updated followers on his life. Even when he really, really shouldn’t. (Instagram)

This is a deeply weird and upsetting (in more ways than one) situation. So let’s start at the beginning.

90 Day Fiance alum Paul Staehle went missing in Brazil during the final week of August.

Ex-wife Karine Martins, who is from Brazil, appears to still be in the US. Paul has been working in Brazil while the two attempt to regain custody of their sons.

On Thursday, August 31, Karine Martins wrote “Paul went missing last night in Brazil. Prayers he is found safe.” She shared this to her Instagram Story. (Instagram)

“Paul went missing last night in Brazil,” Karine shared on Instagram on Thursday, August 31.

That means that Paul allegedly disappeared on Wednesday.

“Prayers he is found safe,” she wrote.

Good news can wait, but bad news is seldom so patient. According to Karine Martins’ Instagram post on Friday, September 1, 2023, she and her two sons will fondly remember Paul Staehle. The implication is that she does not believe that he will come back alive. (Instagram)

It looks like Karine was already assuming the worst.

She alarmed fans and followers when, just two days after Paul vanished, she posted an in memoriam style montage of photos of Paul.

That seems premature, unless she heard confirmation that something had happened. For example, if authorities had found a body.

A lot of 90 Day Fiance fans raised their eyebrows over Karine Martins sharing this Instagram Story about life insurance while the father of her children remained missing in Brazil. (Instagram)

And then it got even stranger.

Karine posted something about life insurance.

It did not appear to be a sponsored post. Was Karine expecting a payout? That was just … deeply weird.

Mary calls Paul Staehle a deadbeat
Paul Staehle’s mother, Mary, was an interesting person to “meet” on 90 Day Fiance. Some viewers felt that they understood how Paul ended up the way that he has after seeing how his mother speaks to and about him. (TLC)

To be clear, Karine was not and has never been the sole source of reports about Paul going missing.

In addition to the absence of any updates from Paul on his Instagram, we also know that Mary lost touch with him.

Paul texted her, telling her that he had “f–ked up” and was stuck in a remote area. Others in Brazil said that Paul was in a dangerous situation and worried that his life was at risk. So no, it’s not just Karine.

Just a couple of weeks before his August 2023 apparent disappearance in Brazil, Paul Staehle was still sharing videos from his time in the country. (Instagram)

This was all deeply weird, and fans wondered what to think of all of this. Paul and Karine are notorious for poor decision-making. But … what if Paul had died?

Eventually, Brazilian authorities took up the case. Remember, Paul is a grown man — no one’s going to start a manhunt when he’s been missing for a few hours.

Eventually, Paul’s mother, Mary, was able to contact the US Embassy. 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates apparently got to participate (or at least listen to) the call.

From time to time, Paul Staehle seems to just … take off running. Viewers do not really understand it. (TLC)

Then came good news. Weird news, but good.

On Sunday, September 3, Paul called John Yates, reporting that the “signal is insanely bad.”

He shared that he was “in a small indigenous community” at the time and hoped to hear back. Presumably, he also contacted his mother.

After going missing for the better part of a week, Paul Staehle resurfaced in Brazil. Oddly, he didn’t post a selfie or explanatory video himself, but his friend shared a seemingly current photo. (Instagram)

Paul also appeared on a friend’s Instagram. This is a friend who, it seems, was the one trying to coordinate a search for him after he vanished.

What’s odd is that Paul took the time to change his Instagram — setting it to private, then to public, then back to private — and delete a lot of older posts.

And he even posted a clarification, shooting down romance rumors about him and his friend.

We cannot explain why Paul Staehle, or someone using his Instagram account, prioritized quashing romance rumors over explaining why and how he went missing for several days. (Instagram)

Why would Paul post about this instead of reassuring everyone that he’s okay? Or, better yet, walking people through what happened. People feared for his life.

A current video of Paul explaining what went down, and thanking people for their concern, would go a long way.

Especially since there are some fans who don’t feel entirely convinced that Paul has control of his account. A short voicemail is not enough to put these doubts to rest.

After Paul Staehle seemingly resurfaced after going missing, Karine Martins acknowledged this and asked people to stop sending her hate. (Instagram)

Karine also acknowledged that Paul was okay. She defended her ex, and also asked people to stop sending her hate mail.

We should acknowledge that people said cruel, unhinged things to Karine over the past week.

Some accused of her being “in on” a fake disappearance with Paul. Others claimed that she’d had him assassinated. For now, let’s try to be less unhinged.