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Despite their ongoing animosity, Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga remain castmates on RHONJ for the foreseeable future.

That’s tricky, because they don’t just dislike each other. They would both prefer a world where the other does not exist.

For a while, producers and fans alike worried what Season 14 could possibly look like. They were refusing to film together.

Recently, they both actually got into the same room at the same time. But if you were expecting an explosive fight … that’s not how it went down.

Bravo put up a shady splitscreen to highlight the animosity as Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice tried to talk over each other at the Season 13 Reunion. (Bravo)

On Tuesday, August 15, Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga reunited … sort of … at a New Jersey restaurant.

There, the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 14 were filming a surprise celebration for Jennifer Fessler’s birthday.

You don’t turn 55 every day. But if you were hoping for a birthday miracle … don’t hold your breath.

On Watch What Happens Live, Jennifer Fessler weighed in on a number of topics — especially her friends. (Bravo)

The Sun reports that, though the sisters in law did both attend, that was the extent of their overlap.

Melissa and Teresa reportedly “avoided each other” entirely during the party.

They “did not speak or say one word to each other,” the insider dished.

Teresa Giudice began to list all of her storylines that do not involve her sister-in-law or brother, including having a child and going to prison. (Bravo)

The source went on to state: “They hung out with their own friends.”

“And,” the insider continued, “they both ignored each other completely.”

Additionally, Teresa arrived separately from Melissa and Joe. The Gorgas did arrive together.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey shared throwbacks for happier times between Joe Gorga, Melissa Gorga, Teresa Giudice, and Luis Ruelas. (Image Credit: Bravo) (Bravo)

However, this cold war between the two didn’t impact the overall party.

According to the source, “everyone still had fun and [was] there to celebrate Fessler.”

The insider also said that, for now, “production isn’t forcing a confrontation.”

Melissa Gorga used sarcastic applause to indicate that she’s not sure that “I went to prison on the show” is the flex that her sister-in-law imagines. (Bravo)

Instead, the team behind the show “is letting things happen naturally.” That’s smart.

Viewers can often tell when production has its hand in how things go down.

Sure, we all know that the cast trips are artifice. Random groups of neighbors, including rivals, frenemies, and besties, don’t go on annual group vacations together unless they’re filming a reality show.

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In late July of 2023, Teresa Giudice wore bubblegum pink at a Barbie-oriented party. Some Instagram commenters had … questions … about her appearance. (Instagram)

The big birthday celebration for Jennifer Fessler went down in Cranford, New Jersey at The Vine & Oak Tavern.

The Royal Sweet Fairy was the event planner.

And the cast — Jennifer Aydin, Margaret Josephs, Rachel Fuda, Danielle Cabral, Dolores Catania, and Jackie Goldschneider — were among the guests.

At this point, Melissa Gorga has come to expect back-stabbing. Even from her in-law. Especially from her in-law. (Bravo)

Plenty of photos from the party spilled over onto social media.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone paired up. To no one’s surprise, Teresa and Melissa did not take any snaps together.

Meanwhile, there was one person conspicuously absent from it all: Luis Ruelas.

Making quite the facial expression, Luis Ruelas accuses that his brother-in-law’s issues and their timing are deliberate. (Bravo)

It’s not just that he didn’t show up in any pictures.

The report confirms that he didn’t show up to celebrate alongside his wife.

However, it looks like he was dining out in Miami. Despite reports of tension, we won’t get our hopes up for a split. Not this early.