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This summer, Kevin Federline and his wife are moving to Hawaii. And they are not moving alone.

In the spring, Britney Spears consented to the move. A formality, but an important one for the sons that she shares with her ex.

Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline have been living with their dad. And things are tense with their mom.

Will they go visit Britney before they leave? If so, it’ll be their choice — because nobody’s going to force the issue.

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Britney Spears went hiking with her teenage sons, Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline, in an unknown canyon and took this responsible, wholesome photo. Look at how tall her boys have become! (Instagram)

It has been more than one year since Britney Spears last saw her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

They are both teens. They both live with their father, Kevin Federline. And there are some hurt feelings that they will have to one day work out with their mom — or not, as they so choose.

None of that stopped Britney from signing off on their move to Hawaii. She, of all people, knows what it’s like if a parent controls your every move.

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Mean people suck? It’s hard to argue with that point from Britney Spears. (Instagram)

Now, TMZ reports that Kevin has no intention of forcing the boys to visit Britney before they move.

Both of the boys are teenagers. They are still minors (though, in Sean Preston’s case, that status will expire in a matter of months).

But he intends to let them make their own decision. Even if he also has some opinions on the matter.

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Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline were looking handsome and so grown up in photo shared with and by Eddie Morales. (Instagram)

Reportedly, the boys haven’t made up their minds just yet.

But they don’t necessarily need to rush into it.

The clock is ticking, sure. But the move will take place in August. We are just days into July.

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On Instagram, Britney Spears shared three variants of this photo, each with slightly different filters for the lighting. We like this one the most. (Instagram)

Meanwhile, Kevin is definitely encouraging their shared sons to pay Britney a visit.

Britney is still their mom. All parties hope to one day reconcile.

And whatever issues they have with Britney’s perceived favoritism or her “embarrassing” Instagram activity, it won’t be as easy to see her at the drop of a hat if they want to after their move.

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Britney Spears posted more nudes on Instagram this week. (Instagram)

Like we said, Britney did approve the move. This avoided needless conflict, not to mention a potentially messy trip to family court.

She also extended a social media olive branch towards both boys.

She gushed over Sean Preston and shared a throwback pic in which she was carrying then 4-year-old Jayden. Very sweet!

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline arrive at the 2006 Grammy Nominees party with Kanye West, hosted By Verizon Wireless and Rolling Stone Magazine at the Avalon Hollywood on February 6, 2005. (Getty)

Some fans have accused Kevin of “turning the boys against” Britney. That does not seem likely.

Families are complex. Britney made some famously good parenting choices, but that does not make her perfect as a parent or a person.

She has every right to want to make up for lost time by posting whatever she wants on Instagram. But her teenage sons have every right to want to disappear into the ground when people bring it up.