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For Charity Lawson, it was better late than never on The Bachelorette this week.

The 27-year old had surprised viewers back on the opening episode of her season when she gave her first impression rose to Brayden.

She then surprised these same viewers again when she kept Brayden around despite his stance last Monday that he was unlikely to propose on the upcoming finale.

Finally, however, on the July 17 installment of this franchise, Lawson had enough.

Charity Lawson as The Bachelorette. She’s rather intense. (ABC)

“I’m not just going to settle for someone that doesn’t add to my life,” Brayden said to the cameras at one point, expressing extreme hesitation about where things might go with Charity.

“I like her. I think she’s an amazing woman. She might just be an amazing woman for someone else that’s not me.”

Lawson later confronted Brayden about his feelings, or lackthereof, saying it “scares the Hell” out of her to keep someone around who simply isn’t into her.

“I feel like I like you, but I don’t want to be here right now,” Brayden told Charity. “I don’t feel like I’m capable of getting there in this environment.”


Such a stance made it easy for Lawson at least, as she proceeded to walk Brayden out.

“I am more frustrated now than sad,” she said in a confessional of how she felt about Brayden’s departure.

Later, at the cocktail party, Brayden returned, however, walking right past all the suitors and straight to Charity.

“I didn’t like how I left the other day,” the travel nurse said to her. “I was really emotionally charged and I really wanted to come back and just let you know that I’m really sorry about this whole thing.”


Charity didn’t need really want to hear it, though.

“I don’t know if you ever even saw yourself at the end of all this with me,” she said to Brayden, prior to once again asking him to leave.

After the episode aired, meanwhile, Lawson spoke to Entertainment Weekly.

Charity Lawson is the newest star of The Bachelorette. (Photo Credit: ABC)

“Truth be told, I was definitely way too gracious with him,” Lawson told EW of Brayden and keeping him around for as long as she did.

“But knowing I didn’t have full context or see everything is what I can rest on. I did what was best for me at the time, with all that I knew.”

And when he came back? Was there ever a chance she’d give him another chance?

“Nothing at that moment was going to change anything,” Lawson now insists.

“Luckily he didn’t ask for another chance, but I was so curious to see what on earth he could possibly have to say. I didn’t care, because the choice and decision was made.”