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Kevin Federline is not especially close to Britney Spears.

Pretty soon, he literally won’t be close to Britney Spears… as Federline is planning to move with the former couple’s two kids to Hawaii.

Over the weekend, however, the man occasionally known as K. Fed felt a need to stand up in support of his famous ex-wife.

In the wake of a troubling report concerning Britney.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline arrive at the 2006 Grammy Nominees party with Kanye West, hosted By Verizon Wireless and Rolling Stone Magazine at the Avalon Hollywood on February 6, 2005. (Getty)

For those who missed it, The Daily Mail’s Daphne Barak claimed on Saturday that she spoke with Federline and he told the publication of Spears:

“I fear she’s on meth — I’ve been praying someone would make it public and that she wakes up. … It’s terrifying. She is the mother of my boys.”

Here’s the thing, though:

Federline now says he never gave this quote, and the entire thing is nonsense.

Kevin Federline, Britney Spears Split

“It saddens our family that Daphne Barak and Erbil Gunasti have decided to fabricate lies and publish the heart ache our family has endured, along with the trauma of our minor children in the Daily Mail and The Sun,” Federline fied back yesterday.

“We did allow Daphne & Bill into our home because we trusted them, but that trust was lost and we severed ties back in March for many reasons we choose not to go into here.”

He continued as follows:

“It is very distressing that she continues to harass our family when we have repeatedly asked her to leave us alone.

“As was previously published, our family did speak with Ms. Barak and Mr. Gunasti a few times, and this was done in a respectful way with love & compassion for Britney and the Spears family.

“Her lies and attempts to exploit minors is click bait and another repulsive example of where, unfortunately, certain journalism has sunk today.”

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Federline and Spears share two sons: Sean Preston, 17, and Jayden James, 16.

As he admits to above, Federline did speak to The Daily Mail last year, explaining to the outlet that Britney doesn’t have a strong relationship with these kids.

But that doesn’t mean he wants to see the artist dragged through the tabloid mud.

For her part, meanwhile, Spears also slammed this drug addiction allegation.

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On Instagram, Britney Spears shared three variants of this photo, each with slightly different filters for the lighting. We like this one the most. (Instagram)

“The fact that people are claiming things that are not true is so sad,” she wrote on Instagram.

“This may not even be them saying such things because it doesn’t make any sense to me for them to be saying that.

” It makes me sad because I tried so hard to make things nice for you and it was never good enough.

“So you guys go behind my back and talk about me … it breaks my heart and the news is so low.”

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Mean people suck? It’s hard to argue with that point from Britney Spears. (Instagram)

In a letter sent to The Daily Mail on Sunday, lawyer Mathew Rosengart also trashed the reports of the star’s alleged use of crystal meth.

“The Daily Mail, through Daphne Barak, posted a story yesterday containing numerous false and defamatory fabrications concerning my client Britney Spears that are attributed to Kevin Federline and his children, in particular regarding ‘crystal meth,'” the message opens.

Noting that Federline “acknowledged the falsity of Ms. Barak’s story” when he spoke to TMZ earlier in the day, Rosengart’s letter continues:

“I have separately learnt that on several occasions, Ms. Barak sought to contact Britney under false pretenses, again her minor children, which is exploitative, harassing, and outrageous.”

“And moreover, Britney’s representatives were never contacted prior to the publication of the story, further demonstrating actual malice and reckless disregard for the truth.”