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Even though Isabel Roloff is very transparent about body image issues, she is similarly open and honest about other things.

She has spoken about motherhood and feelings about her marriage.

Now, Isabel is offering Little People, Big World fans and other followers some advice about missed opportunities.

And yes, she is speaking from experience.

The Hollywood Gossip
Isabel Roloff looks cozy in this selfie, with the cloudy yet bright sky of the Pacific Northwest looming as her backdrop. And look who else is in the picture! (Instagram)

Taking to her Instagram Story, Isabel Roloff shared a gorgeous photo of her. In the background, we see a field of colorful flowers.

The June 6 post began: “To the kids who couldn’t pick just one thing you wanted to be when you grew up (you might have ADHD too).

Isabel advised: “It’s okay to change your mind.”

The Hollywood Gossip
On Tuesday, June 6, 2023, Isabel Roloff used her Instagram Story to discuss missed opportunities and making choices. (Instagram)

There could be many, many sources for someone’s indecisiveness about choosing a career path.

And someone with ADHD might have a solid idea of what they want to do in life.

You can know what you want to be when you grow up but also forget why you went into the kitchen. However, her larger point stands.

The Hollywood Gossip
What a lovely photo of Isabel Roloff and Jacob Roloff. The former was pregnant with her first kid when it was taken. (Instagram)

“I think one of the best ways to find yourself is to try everything,” Isabel suggested.

“Say yes to those opportunities,” she added.

Isabel recalled: “I wanted to be an author and singer, and veterinarian among so many other things.”

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Isabel Roloff hugs her son close in this photo of the occasional reality star and little Mateo. (Instagram)

“Why limit ourselves?” Isabel asked. She is not wrong.

“If you love multiple things and have a lot of different passions,” she then suggested, “consider yourself blessed.”

Isabel observed that “Some people search their whole lives for what they like to do.” True!

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Isabel Roloff, formerly known as Isabel Rock, holds 7-month-old Mateo while walking in the woods. (Instagram)

“If you like multiple things, what a blessing!” Isabel opined. “Run with that.”

She then counseled her fans and followers to “Try everything and keep what sticks. Not everything will.”

Many people think that they want to pursue something, but find that it is simply not for them.

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Isabel Roloff shared this photo on her Instagram page in May 2021. She used it to put down fat-shamers. (Instagram)

“Also, not every hobby needs to be monetized,” Isabel suggested.

“Some things,” she told anyone reading her message, “can just be for you.”

Those are such important words for people to hear — especially teens and young adults, who see people monetizing every hobby that they have. (Why? Because the economic hellscape of the past decade and a half has left people scrambling for income)

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What a cute photo of Isabel Roloff and husband Jacob Roloff. They seem totes in love. (Instagram)

Back in May, Isabel opened up on a different topic. This time, it was the cruel intersection of marriage and mental health.

She wrote to subscribers about her “journey with depression and where I am at with it now…”

“Being in any kind of relationship is extremely hard with depression,” Isabel noted.

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Jacob Roloff and wife Isabel are out and about and buying a Christmas tree in this cute photo. (Instagram)

“That nagging voice in your head tries its hardest to convince you that everyone is better off without you,” Isabel described.

“So you withdraw,” she detailed, “and don’t allow yourself to be properly loved (still working on this).”

Isabel then wrote: “My marriage has been especially difficult to navigate with depression in the past.”

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Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock are posing here with their beloved dogs, Moose and Luna. (Instagram)

She affirmed: “I want nothing more than to be loved.” Good!

“But,” Isabel explained, “with depression it’s like a wall never allowing that love to truly land.”

She told her followers: “These days, I am working on allowing all [that] I am given to actually land. I am still even trying to love myself.”