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Earlier this month, 1,000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slatton turned heads as she walked unaided while running errands.

This was — and is — a huge deal for her, as her mobility increases after losing a massive amount of weight.

Now, fans are showering her with praise and encouragement.

Tammy’s weight loss has not been easy, and it has come with a massive physical and emotional toll. But her supporters love to see her increased independence.

On TikTok, Tammy Slaton shared her shopping experiences after dramatic weight loss. (Image Credit: TikTok)

These days, Tammy Slaton has orange hair and vastly increased physical mobility.

Recently, eyewitnesses have spotted her shopping at Sam’s Club and stopping by a gas station.

Walking without assistance, she has stopped to rest and used store-provided scooters, but was so ambulatory that reports on her shopping trip circulated far and wide on social media.

Whoa there, Tammy Slaton! We love the confidence this reality star is showing in this revealing photo.

Fans across the internet are actively cheering on Tammy.

“Way to go, girl!” wrote one.

Another commented: “Congrats … on your tremendous weight loss. You look like a different person! Keep on going!”

She’s new, and she seems to be improved! We’re loving how far Tammy Slaton has come in 2023.

“We are soooo proud of you girl!!!” another expressed. “I love you and I am praying for you all the time.”

That commenter went on: “You are an inspiration to so many people.”

The same commenter concluded by wishing: “God bless this beautiful woman.”

1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton nearly spills out of sexy low-cut dress and shows off major weight loss. Nice!

“I’m so happy for her,” one Twitter user gushed.

Another cheered on Tammy, expressing: “Way to go!”

A veritable chorus of social media users were quick to express their pride on how far she has come. After spending years following her and her sister on reality TV, they feel like they know her.

Tammy Slaton is looking great these days, isn’t she? We’re so very proud of her.

There was a time when Tammy weighed over 700 pounds.

In late 2021, the reality star struggled to breathe. At the hospital, she spent weeks on life support before making a recovery.

Since then, she has faced a difficult road of regaining control over her life. Part of that included a drastic surgical option last year. Perhaps more importantly, she quit drinking and smoking. She has now lost over 300 pounds.

Wow! Look at Tammy Slaton! She looks simply incredible.

Obviously, there is an ugly side to some of the praise that Tammy has been receiving on social media. And some of the comments almost directly spell it out.

Many people, whether they are disabled or have large bodies or, in Tammy’s case, both, know the perils of this. It’s called inspiration porn, and no, it’s not actually pornography.

Sometimes, people essentially treat the stories of real people as if they were just there to “inspire” them. Countless people have spoken about what it feels like to be treated as “inspiration” like this. It’s not great. We can all appreciate Tammy’s progress. We can also remember that she’s a real person, right?