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On this week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe Gorga claimed that Luis Ruelas had sabotaged Teresa Giudice’s friendship with Dina Manzo.

According to him, it wasn’t unlike their pizza debacle. Money, business, and friendship can all tear each other apart in combination.

To hear Joe tell it, this was why Dina did not end up being part of Teresa’s wedding. Just another casualty to her romance with Luis.

Is that true?

The friendship between Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo has spanned many years, though the latter values her privacy. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

An inside source spoke to Page Six this week in the wake of Joe Gorga’s claims about Teresa and Dina’s alleged falling out.

“There is no issue at all, zero issue,” the insider stressed in the strongest possible terms on Wednesday, April 5.

The source went on to call Joe’s characterization of events nothing short of “comical.”

Joe Gorga is well aware of his sister’s perception … but he believes that he’s not the one causing relationship problems. (Image Credit: Bravo)

In case anyone missed the episode (and our recap), Joe had told cameras that David Cantin — Dina’s husband — had gone into business with Luis Ruelas.

According to Joe, the business deal blew up. Part of the fallout, he described, was friction between the men’s wives.

We have all watched with horror as the slightest criticism of or even question about Luis sends Teresa into a defensive rage as she circles the wagons around her “love bubble.” So it was not difficult to believe.

A very expressive Joe Gorga admits to the camera that he did not want to embarrass his sister, but will address the pizza conflict since she is talking about it. (Image Credit: Bravo)

This new report doesn’t just say that there wasn’t a falling out over a business deal gone wrong.

Instead, it says that there wasn’t a deal gone wrong at all. Or a deal gone right. No deal whatsoever.

The insider claimed that David Cantin “never” went into business with Luis.

Is Luis Ruelas just a guy trying his best, or is he a manipulator? Some wonder if it’s a little of both. (Image Credit: Bravo)

According to the source, Luis and David remain “close.” Not despite some sort of conflict, because it apparently never took place.

“There is no beef,” the insider asserted.

The source then affirmed: “There are no issues.”

After Joe Gorga shared his side of things, Melissa Gorga weighed in … theorizing that her sister-in-law is simply too selfish to share. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Now … clearly, Joe either thought that there were — which would make him under several mistaken impressions — or conjured up a story like that for no reason. In the latter case, he would have known that someone would debunk it.

So what happened?

Naturally, everyone is asking Joe exactly that. And he has something to say.

Clearly, Joe Gorga has identified the person whom he blames for tearing apart their family. (Image Credit: Bravo)

Unfortunately, we will all have to wait until Bravo gives the go-ahead to know what is on Joe’s mind.

“Joe can’t comment on this at the moment as the reunion is being filmed soon,” his rep told Page Six.

We’re sure that Andy will delve into that. Given that these reports are out, and calling Joe a liar, it’s very likely to come up.

Teresa Giudice knows that she can come on a little strong sometimes. That is a colossal understatement. (Image Credit: Bravo)

So where did all of this about Teresa and Dina come from? Well, when Dina did not attend her wedding to Luis. That certainly raised some questions.

Remember, Dina faced real trauma — inflicted by her ex — in New Jersey. She does not want to return to reality television, and values her privacy.

Bravo’s cameras were there to film her nuptials. Filming your wedding like that is always going to change the guest turnout — in more ways than one. But Dina can support Teresa without physically attending.