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During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Kris and Jeymi both shared their sides of the story.

While they agree on a lot of basic facts, their attitudes and priorities are totally different.

After five months apart, they each had a heart-to-heart with a loved one about where things stand. To summarize, not good.

Jeymi has avoided weighing in on the show itself. Until now — when she could not help but blurt out her shock to followers.

“This is my face watching the show right now,” Jeymi Noguera announced to her fans and followers on Sunday night.

Her short Instagram video did not go into explicit detail on her reaction. That, of course, is the purview of the Tell All, and Jeymi is under contract.

However, she did include a caption that expanded a little bit more on her feelings.

“Like every Sunday I ask your opinion… what do you think of this episode?” Jeymi asked.

“I never give an opinion,” she acknowledged. “But today I am in shock.”

Considering the contents of the episode itself, we can certainly understand why.

When we saw Kris Foster on Season 4, Episode 12 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, she was sitting out in the yard with her mother.

At this point, Kris’ “two week” trip to Alabama (though that time frame was always optimistic) had expanded into five months.

Yes, there were practical concerns. Kris had to fix things with the bank and refill her narcolepsy meds. And she could also actually work in Alabama.

Kris’ mom knows that her daughter’s marriage is having issues. She knows Kris’s side of things … and she also knows her daughter.

As such, she remarked that she was unsure if two “drama queens” could really be happy while married to one another.

Kris actually agreed. Which … does not bode well for someone who is only half a year into her marriage.

So, here is how Kris was seeing things in the moment. In her mind, she was shouldering all of the financial burdens for her and for Jeymi.

The two had worked out a financial plan. Since then, Jeymi had gotten a more expensive apartment than they had discussed, and she had quit her job (with Kris’ blessing) but had not, in five months, found a new one.

Meanwhile, she also clearly resented Kris for spending this time in Alabama, even though Kris can actually work in the United States.

To Kris, all of this feels unfair — and makes her feel like Jeymi doesn’t appreciate her.

Case in point: she shared that she had sent $1,000 to Jeymi recently, only for Jeymi to express anger.

Why? Because it would (obviously) not cover all of the bills for the month.

At this point, Kris’ mother remarked on what this relationship is looking like to her.

She likened Jeymi to a “kept woman,” a reference to someone with a lover for whom they provide financially.

That is the older euphemism. A more current one is “sugar baby,” and Kris’ mother did drop the “sugar mama” label in reference to Kris’ apparent role.

Now, Jeymi was of course tearfully hoping for Kris to return to Colombia. So, in that regard, it’s truly not a “sugar” relationship … even if it might look like one on paper. At least, on a financial spreadsheet.

But Kris was clearly tired of Jeymi not having her own job.

And so she said that “actions speak louder than words,” and so she wanted to see some action from Jeymi very soon.

Meanwhile, what was Jeymi’s side of things?

Well, you know how Kris has been feeling underappreciated? Jeymi was feeling abandoned.

Her wife had left for Alabama for a two-week (or so) trip, and had been gone for five months. This marriage hadn’t felt like a marriage for a lot of the time since then.

Jeymi met up with her friend, Alex. She had not really spoken to him about any of this … because she felt embarrassed.

(To be fair, he did straight up-say “told you so” after she brought him up to speed. And, to be fair, he did absolutely tell her so)

In his mind, Kris’ prior ghosting of Jeymi was just a prelude to this. And it’s very sad.

Jeymi acknowledged that she understood that Kris had to work, and that she cannot in Colombia.

But she noted that they had made plans to open a business together.

That way, they could both generate income together. Is that a great plan or a pipe dream? We honestly do not know. We’re not overly familiar with the viability of American-Venzuelan food trucks in Bogota.

And, for the record, Jeymi hadn’t given up on finding a job.

It might feel that way to Kris. A five-month job search isn’t impossible, but it’s rare. (We wish that it were rarer! No one should have to live on uncertainty for that long!)

Jeymi noted that a lot of businesses have no apparent interest in hiring someone of Venezuelan descent. American racists and xenophobes do not have a monopoly on bigotry. It happens in other countries, too.

Jeymi told Alex that she had contributed to their expenses — quitting her job (with Kris’ blessing) and picking a more expensive apartment.

Kris being in Alabama has not helped them resolve any of their differences, however.

In fact, she felt like she couldn’t really speak to Kris. Either Kris was unavailable, or they would argue when they actually spoke.

Alex told her very directly that he would have already ended things in her shoes.

But she wanted to give Kris a chance to talk things out. She wanted to understand. And the two of them really love one another.

It will be interesting to hear if watching this season has impacted (or will impact) their marriage.