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During this weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Debbie and Oussama sat down for a romantic dinner.

Unfortunately, despite the beautiful accommodations, they did not have a nice time.

Oussama left Debbie stunned and hurt when he finally told her the truth.

He’s not ready to marry her. And, now that she’s packed up her life and moved to be with him, he wants her to return to America.

67-year-old Debbie Aguero clashed with her kids and packed up her belongings to be with her 24-year-old love in Morocco.

Viewers have mostly liked Debbie. She’s quirky and eccentric and fun. And, to their own astonishment, many also liked Oussama. It’s not as simple as the guy liking cats — but it hasn’t hurt his cause.

Oussama is a “farm person,” as Debbie said before taking her flight. So, before they travel to his rural home, they’re headed to Rabat.

Debbie was taking in the sights, even pointing out cows. We don’t know if that’s something that all cultures do, but it is certainly a staple of American road trips.

She also spent time waxing poetic about Oussama and their new life together.

Debbie also took the time to ask what his expectations of her will be now that they are going to be together.

Oussama’s answer was all too familiar for many viewers of the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

He doesn’t seem like one of those guys who’s looking for a live-in servant instead of a partner. But that does seem to be a cultural expectation.

Oussama told Debbie that he wants her to become “half Moroccan” and cook his meals and clean his clothes. That’s pretty one-sided. Though he did agree with Debbie that they could get takeout sometimes and relax.

However, when Debbie suggested that they could relax with some wine, Oussama shot down that idea.

No alcohol in the house, he informed her. He instead said that if they wanted to drink, they’d need to go somewhere that serves alcohol.

And this isn’t just for his parents’ sake, Oussama explained. Even if they were in their own home, it sounds like he’d expect it to be a dry one.

A lot of this came as a surprise to Debbie. They had never had the “become half Moroccan” discussion before.

She felt that Oussama had dropped some bombshells on her. But she wasn’t going to let that spoil her first day there.

Unfortunately, he had more surprises in store.

Their rental was at a riad. It was absolutely beautiful, and Debbie gushed over the place — as any of us might.

They would have to get separate rooms, as they are not married and this is Morocco. That suited Debbie just fine.

This is not the first time that viewers have noted that this relationship appears to be extremely chaste.

Debbie was in high spirits, putting on a distinctive lion necklance ahead of their “romantic” dinner.

But she also admitted to the camera that she, a 67-year-old woman, wasn’t exactly eager to spend any more time than necessary living with Oussama’s family. That would be awkward under the best of circumstances.

She told producers that she doesn’t want to “live with Mom and Dad for an indefinite period of time.” But will Oussama understand?

Apparently not. When Debbie politely brought it up, he was quick to assure her that his parents won’t mind her staying there.

That is not, and was never, the point. Debbie wants her own home to share with him. She didn’t fly out here to be a houseguest.

We have seen all of this play out on the show before. It’s just that, usually, the people having this issue are closer to Oussama’s age and the parents are closer to Debbie’s.

Oussama then told Debbie that he only expected that they would stay there together for a couple of months. But it was not a relief.

See, you’d think that he was telling her that they’d crash with his parents and then find a home together.

Instead, he was telling her that she would then return to the United States. Um, what? She just packed up her life and moved to be with you, dude.

“You want me to go back to the States?” Debbie asked in a state of disbelief … and slowly mounting anger.

Despite being just over 1/3 of her age, Oussama took on a patronizing tone while telling her that “this is a decision of life.”

Yeah, that’s true, and it’s also true that they might need a couple of months of “reality” to know if they’re right together. But he didn’t tell her any of this before she flew out there, and this is not what he’s been saying before now.

In a confession that Debbie clearly filmed just minutes later, up in her room, she was visibly still fuming.

This, she shared, was not the Oussama that she knows. In fact, he had seemed eager to marry her before now.

As viewers, we don’t mind seeing common sense come into play. But we share Debbie’s confusion as to where all of this is coming from. Why the sudden change? And why make it a surprise?

Oussama told Debbie that he didn’t tell her about his sudden desire for them to test-drive living together for one reason: “Because if I said to you this, you will not come.”

We don’t know if that’s true or not.

But it’s a red flag. We’ve seen this kind of s–tty answer before. This is not what Debbie wanted or expected. And she’s so pissed that she could just wring his neck. Metaphorically.