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Chelsea Houska is the newest star of the HGTV universe.

Her show, Down Home Fab, has already been renewed for a second season, and it looks as though she and husband Cole DeBoer can look forward to bright futures as the newest household names in the home renovation world!

No pun intended.

But the path to stardom is rarely free of obstacles, and Chelsea and Cole have already experienced some ups and downs in this new phase of their career.

Chelsea and Cole are the newest stars of the HGTV network! (Photo via Instagram)

Perhaps they started off too strong, set the bar too high right off the bat.

Whatever the case, Chelsea and Cole delivered strong ratings in their first two episodes, only to watch those numbers decline sharply in the weeks that followed.

The situation is not dire, and as far as we know, it’s still full steam ahead for Down Home Fab Season 2.

Chelsea and Cole on HGTV
Chelsea Houska endured years of abuse at the hands of Adam Lind. Her situation turned around when she met Cole DeBoer!

But the drop-off probably still came as a blow to Chelsea and Cole, who were likely riding high after getting a look at those week 1 and 2 numbers.

Whatever the case, there was a lot of speculation about Chelsea and Cole’s mindset this week, thanks in large part to a trip the South Dakota natives made to a neighboring state.

“Wait do we need to move to Wyoming?” Chelsea captioned some photos of the family’s recent vacay in the Cowboy State.

Chelsea Houska recently took a trip to Wyoming. Now, fans are worried that she plans to flee South Dakota! (Photo via Instagram)

“Maybe we need some land here,” Cole rather promptly replied, adding a winking emoji.

Now, Chelsea and Cole’s show is centered around the couple renovating houses in their hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

So the mere mention of the DeBoers pulling up stakes was enough to make fans lose their minds.

Chelsea and Cole seemed to enjoy their time in Wyoming! (Photo via Instagram)

“Boo No lol. Stay in SF,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“No, South Dakota needs you,” another added.

But other fans liked the idea of Chelsea and Cole relocating, with some pointing out that such a move would provide the couple with an opportunity to decorate a new home of their own!

Chelsea and Cole took their kids to Wyoming. And the whole family seemed to fall in love with the state! (Photo via Instagram)

“Yes!!! And start some seasons of down home fab there!!” one such commenter wrote.

“Build another home out there and then share w us again,” another chimed in.

Hey, we’re sure Chelsea, Cole, and the kids would be very happy in Wyoming.

Chelsea and Cole on the set of their new HGTV show. (Photo via Instagram)

But for now, they should probably focus on continuing to renovate homes in South Dakota.

As folks say out West, you should never change horses in midstream!