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On Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days Season 2, one central conflict has a family splitting apart at the seams.

The titular couple are considering a move to Israel. They would live there for several years, immersing their young children in their father’s culture.

The resulting backlash from Loren’s parents has been jaw-dropping. They’ve made good points, they’ve made bad points, they’ve screamed in her face, and they’ve refused to babysit.

On this week’s episode, her mom and equally disapproving sister took on a different approach. They crashed her baby shower.

On Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days, Loren Brovarnik learns from her friends that her family have RSVPed “no” to her baby shower. (Image Credit: Discovery Plus)

Loren Brovarnik expressed her surprise and distress when her friends told her that her own parents weren’t attending her baby shower.

It’s not like missing a birthday or Thanksgiving. Even if a person has multiple baby showers over the course of their life, each one is unique.

But it’s not just that her mom, Marlene, wasn’t coming. Her sister Rebecca wasn’t either.

Still, the show went on. Loren’s baby shower had a “lemons and love” motif. Okay.

Despite their RSVPs of “no” and months of emotional distance and very real friction, there was a little surprise at the party.

Marlene and Rebecca showed up unexpectedly. Though they had initially received invitations, this was arguably crashing the party.

Understandably, Loren reacted with shock. And then some.

She admitted that she felt “upset,” but she took it in stride.

During the episode, Loren explained to viewers that she is trying to view this baby shower as “just another day.”

Even so, it felt deeply odd for her mother and sister to just march into the party and “act like nothing happened.”

Party-crashers can ruin an event. It’s easy to celebrate good and happy things, but it can be almost impossible to overlook when something goes very wrong.

Somehow, her mom and sister RSVPing “no” only to show up anyway is worse than attending normally and worse than if they’d just not shown up. Worst of both worlds.

Fortunately, Marlene and Rebecca didn’t storm into the baby shower in a confrontational spirit.

Instead, they played it nice — you know, like normal people — even offering hugs to Loren’s friends.

But … everyone knows what’s up. So Loren admitted to the camera: “I’m rarely speechless, and I think my face showed ‘What the f–k?'”

What one person sees as polite and sensible, another might see as two-faced or dishonest. Life is complex in that way.

Some fans are hoping that this will somehow lead Loren and her family to heal … eventually.

But with such a tense baby shower, we wouldn’t place any bets on it.

For this entire season, we have watched Loren’s parents react to her and Alexei’s tentative plans to move to Israel.

A lot of fans have expressed (limited) sympathies. What grandparent wants to miss out on crucial bonding years with their grandchild? The underlying politics of Israel aside (and should we set those aside?), they would be missing out.

But, for the most part, Marlene and Bryan have absolutely fumbled in their attempts to discourage this move. Sometimes, the messenger kills the message.